About Us - Oklahoma Blue Bird School Bus Company

Dedication to customer needs will always remain the primary responsibility at Ross Transportation. Our customers are the reason Ross Transportation is one of the most well respected school bus dealerships in the nation. Established in 1967, by Gene Ross, with common goals of providing Oklahoma's schools and churches with a superior product while treating customers to a family-like atmosphere.

As a distributor for Blue Bird buses, we are proud to represent what is the finest school bus on the market. Customers will find a full array of Blue Birds to satisfy almost every need. Whether it be a conventional, mini, or an activity bus, we have on premises a large selection to choose from. Special orders are no problem and in fact are preferred to insure that the customer is getting exactly what they need.

From Alaska to Guatemala, people have come to browse and purchase from our extensive collection of late and early model used buses. With a first rate service and body shop, customers are assured that the used bus they have purchased has gone through a rigorous inspection and replacement process.

We would like to thank you for your interest in Ross Transportation, Inc. Our facility is located in Oklahoma City, south of I-40 on Meridian Ave and is comprised of a large service and parking area.

After representing other manufactures for over 30 years, we became Oklahoma's Blue Bird Distributor in 1996. We gladly accepted this honor and have found that a mixture of old school customer relations and a superior product are a winning combination in a world dominated by big business and the all mighty dollar.

Since our beginning in 1967, we believe that we have forged out a name in the bus industry that is synonymous with quality and pride. From installing the simplest part to fully equipping a school with all of their transportation needs.

So, drop on by and visit! We are still located in Oklahoma City on South Meridian Ave. We were here when the busy four lane street was a mere dusty dirt road, and we will be here to serve Oklahoma's schools and churches for generations to come.